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When faced with a room full of hungry guests, you’ll want to be sure that after all that planning, the food served at your business conference or event is just as impressive as the rest of the day. When considering business event food, it’s important to consider the format of your event, to ensure that your food fits in with your theme, and your guests’ expectations.

We caught up with the team at Hotel Palace, Berlin to get their perspective on what culinary delights fit perfectly dependant on the type of event…

Breakfast Meeting
Business breakfast meetings are often restricted to tight timescales, as attendees will need to head back to the office afterwards in order to get on with their working day. So as much as a full sit-down hot breakfast sounds like the perfect way to get your event started, it would be more practical to opt for grab and go options, such as pastries, bacon rolls or fruits, served buffet-style with plenty of fresh tea and coffee.

Small Business Meeting
After a highly focussed morning sat around a boardroom table, your guests will be keen to stretch their legs and welcome a change of scenery. Opt for a light lunch in the venue’s restaurant or private dining area. Warm salads, flavourful soups and fresh fish dishes will ensure your guests are satisfied, but don’t feel the afternoon slump!

Large Business Event
If you’re holding a larger scale event, there are numerous business event food options.

A sit-down three course meal works well for formal events such as business awards ceremonies, charity events or large conferences. Consider the tastes of the majority of your guests, rather than what you would like. Chicken, lamb or sea bass work well, served with roasted vegetables or crisp salads. Remember to include a vegetarian option.

Buffet-style business event food works great for large events, as you can better cater for a variety of guests’ tastes and preferences. Choose a range of meats, plenty of colourful side dishes and a selection of light, refreshing desserts (we’re thinking Hotel Palace’s elderflower creme with raspberry foam or chocolate mousse with rosemary meringue).

Networking Event
When networking, guests will need to ensure their hands aren’t too occupied. Think small and easily manageable. Canapes are a great option, as are hot and cold finger foods such as Hotel Palace’s roasted scallops, crispy risotto balls or stuffed bell peppers. Sweet finger foods finish off the event perfectly. We love Hotel Palace’s mini cherry mousee with salty caramel and mini banana-peanut cupcakes.

Coffee Break
A quick 20 minute coffee break will refuel your guests, ready for the next stage of your event. Serve a selection of sweet and savoury snacks such as muesli bars, muffins, savoury croissants or garnished bagels (we love Hotel Palace’s graved salmon with lime creme fraiche… the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up!)

Working Lunch
If you’re short on time, you’ll still need to ensure your guests are well fed. For small working lunches, sandwich platters work well, allowing guests to graze at their leisure. Add a touch of luxury with garnished bread rolls, fresh bagel halves or baguette slices. Easy to handle, and packed with flavour to ensure your guests are delighted.

Interactive Dining
If you’re hoping to impress your guests with a culinary experience, consider live cooking stations for your event. Guests will be served freshly prepared salads, pasta dishes or hot delights such as the curry sausage provided at Hotel Palace by Curry36 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

Out and About
If you plan to take your guests outdoors or travel with them, surprise them with a packed lunch for a quick grab and go option.. Hotel Palace provide a selection of packed lunch options including freshly prepared sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt and a muesli bar to keep your guests going.

Whatever edible delights you plan for your guests, ensure your food fits in with your format, so that guests have the time and surroundings to truly enjoy it.

For more information of catering options at Hotel Palace contact the Perception team.


Wordsmithery by Siân | Perception Sales & Marketing

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