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When faced with a room full of hungry guests, as an event planner, you want to be sure that the food you serve not only tastes great, but leaves a lasting impression.


Gone are the days of typical, uninspiring business lunches. Today’s event planners are getting creative in their cuisine, which takes an event from humdrum… to highly memorable!

We spoke with the team at the luxurious Wilderness Reserve, to pick their brains on some creative ideas to make a delicious impact at your next business event…

Small Portions… Big Flavour

Perfect for a stand-up networking lunch, serve your guests small delights in abundance. Wilderness Reserves create tasty  salads, quiches and antipasti selections… full of flavour and easy to eat on the move.

Start The Day Right

Skip the coffee and croissants and offer your guests something a little more alternative, such as the breakfast brunch offered at Wilderness Reserve.  Pancakes with fruit compote, tasty granola or freshly prepared eggs benedict… your guests will be fuelled for the day.


Locally Sourced

Suffolk boasts some fine local produce which features in our menus including organic vegetables, sustainable fish and hand-reared meats. The menus available at Wilderness Reserves change with the seasons, and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Presentation Is Key
Sometimes, the simplest of food can be transformed by the way it’s presented. ‘Interactive’ dining is becoming increasingly popular, as guests can get excited about what they eat. Consider setting up DIY food stations for guests to build their own burgers, or presenting food in unique ways. We love the informal supper dishes at Wilderness Reserve, and the creatively presented three course dining options.


Self Catering

Interactive dining and home-cooked dishes are increasing in popularity for events professionals looking for something a little different., The farmhouses, cottages and barns at Wilderness Reserve all feature large cooks’ kitchens, perfect for discovering your inner foodie. If your culinary skills aren’t up to scratch, fear not, guests can enjoy the personal service of a private Chef and waiting staff.

Packed With Goodness

Event catering doesn’t have to be about big indulgence on calorific treats. Serve your guests options to boost their health, energy levels and concentration. They’ll thank you for it afterwards! Think fresh salads piled on pumpernickel breads, wholesome vegetable medley bowl foods and fresh soups. Great tasting goodness!

Mini Versions of Old Faves

Mini pulled pork burgers, mini pizzas, mini fish and chips served in old newspaper cones… think old classics… bite-sized. Perfect for avoiding mess and easy to eat whilst working the room. The canapes at Wilderness Reserve offer a delightful experience in just one bite. We love the salt cod croquettes with pea and mint puree.

Theme It

If your event has a theme, naturally, you’ll want to ensure as much as possible ties in with it. Think outside the box both on taste and presentation.

Wilderness Reserves will create a quintessentially British picnic, a delightful afternoon tea or even a children’s menu bursting with bright flavours and tempting treats.

The food at your event can take your guests’ experience to a whole new level. Make it delicious… and ensure it’s remembered!

Wordsmithery by Sian | We Are Perception

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