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We all know the phrase, ‘dress for success’. Though what does that actually mean? In our opinion, it all depends on what you do and your perception of ‘success’.

Whilst many business professionals still have to maintain a certain formal fashion in what they wear to the office, more companies are doing away with dress codes in favour of a more relaxed approach. Long gone are the days of starched shirts and smart suits… officewear is moving with the times and it’s having a huge effect on the workplace.

Adopting a more smart-casual approach to officewear, as we do here at Perception HQ, allows our team to feel relaxed, comfortable and show their own sense of style.   Don’t get us wrong, we don’t come to work in our pyjamas (well, sometimes we do, but there’s always a fun fundraising story behind it!) We save our hi-tops for the office rather than client meetings and understand how a tailored blazer can add a professional touch. Though our smart-cash dress code ensures we all look and function at our best.

In our industry, it’s hard to unleash your creative flair if you’re suited, booted and buttoned up for the boardroom. So we find that a more relaxed approach allows us to be more creative, productive and just more, well… us.

And it turns out, our team are pretty snazzy dressers, so their ecclectic choices of workwear often make the office look that bit more vibrant!

Though for us, the important factor is what you do, not what you wear. We encourage creativity, individuality and empower our team to find their own style. So it’s no surprise that when our team feel comfortable, they generate bigger ideas, a stronger team culture and better results.

As the world of workwear starts to shift with the times, many more businesses will loosen the guidelines on office attire. Some industries will no doubt hang on to their dress codes. Many hospitality employees will be required to maintain a professional, public-facing appearance through brand uniform. Though for many industries, the need for pant suits and pencil skirts is starting to fade away.

So, perhaps dressing for success doesn’t mean wearing what you think you should, but wearing what brings out the genuine, idea-generating, highly productive version of you. That’s the version that matters. So grab your Converse and leave the tie at home. Pinstripes are so last season.

Wordsmithery by Cath Couzens | Perception Sales & Marketing

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