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This week is National Picnic Week. Most of us will be dusting off the blankets and stocking our picnic hampers with an array of treats to enjoy alfresco (that is, if the weather holds up!)

For those unable to make a break for the outside, you needn’t miss out on the action. We’ve rounded up a few ideas for event planners considering picnic-style bites for their upcoming event. No umbrellas necessary…


Breakfast Picnic

Business breakfast meetings can be tricky when it comes to catering. Delegates are often short on time, and keen to head off immediately afterwards to get on with their working day.

So go with a grab and go breakfast, such as ‘build your own’ bacon sandwiches served with pots of sauce or pots of fresh fruit that can be enjoyed on the move. Don’t forget the tea and coffee. Jurys Inns have a few tips on planning the perfect business breakfast meeting.

Boardroom Picnic

Those stuck indoors in the boardroom all day needn’t miss out on a spot of summertime dining. Treat your guests to an array of delicious bites around the boardroom table. Crisp salads, mini sandwiches, a cheese board… you might even choose to serve it on a gingham checked tablecloth to bring the outdoors in! The Vicarage offer a selection of finger food menus packed with fresh salads, hot mini bites and even a few different ways to have your chips!

Party Picnic

Business awards do? Office celebration? Get creative with a picnic theme.

Buffet-style business event food works great for large events, as you can better cater for a variety of guests’ tastes and preferences. Choose a range of cold meats, luxury cheeses, plenty of colourful side dishes and a selection of light, refreshing desserts. Serve with plentiful Pimms to get the party started. For truly creative catering, look no further than Croke Park Events. Delicious bites, served like works of art!

Networking Picnic

When networking, guests will need to ensure their hands aren’t too occupied. So when considering catering, think small and easily manageable. Canapes are a great option. Or go for a packed lunch. Hotel Palace Berlin provide a selection of packed lunch options including freshly prepared sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt and a muesli bar to keep your guests going whilst on the move.

Proper Picnic

If you do have the opportunity to break away from the boardroom, treat your guests to lunch alfresco. As host, you won’t want to be grappling with picnic hampers and paper plates. So, offer your guests a packed lunch.  We offer a selection of packed lunch options including freshly prepared sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt and muesli bars to keep your guests going. Dewsall Court will set up camp for you to enjoy a picnic in their beautiful countryside grounds. We love their flasks of Hot Beef Tea with Chilli Sherry and homemade sausage rolls.

Business bites needn’t be boring. Make the most of the summer with a little creative catering to leave your guests with plenty to talk about. Now, where’s that blanket?…

Wordsmithery by Siân | Perception Sales & Marketing

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