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Not everyone loves to talk shop first thing in the morning. Though, if you’re considering holding a business breakfast meeting, you’ll often find that attendance is positive thanks to the avoidance of breaking into your delegates day.

Studies also show that we’re at our most productive and alert in the mornings, so if you’re hoping to make an impact, a morning meeting might just be the best bet.

For National Toast Day, we caught up with the team at Jurys Inns over a lovely breakfast for a few pointers on planning a business breakfast event…

First things first… coffee!

Most of us don’t truly get going first thing without our morning coffee. So, ensure you plan coffee service for as soon as guests arrive. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy a cuppa as they come in, and avoid any delays in getting the meeting started. Go for a selection of coffees to suit all tastes, plus a range of teas and juices.

Breakfast bites

Dependant on the time of your breakfast meeting, it’s likely your delegates will arrive feeling a tad peckish. That said, you don’t want to send them into a carb-induced slump right before your meeting.. So, offer your guests a selection of breakfast options to help them feel fresh, energised and ready to get started.

Fruit platters, yoghurt, muesli and granola bars all make for great healthy options. Though decide beforehand whether you plan for your guests to sit down to eat, or grab and go. Sitting down to eat will add at least 45 minutes onto your meeting time, and many attendees may need to get away quickly to get on with their day.

Great on-the-go options include fresh bacon rolls, breakfast muffins, fruit smoothies and pastries.

Encourage interaction

To ensure your delegates get the most out of your meeting, encourage networking either during breakfast or after the event. Collect business cards from each delegate and ask if there is anyone there they are particularly keen to meet. Assign a few members of your team to co-ordinate introductions to help build relationships.

Have an agenda… and stick to it

Your guests will have agreed to attend knowing your timescales, and that they will be able to get back to the office or their next meeting swiftly afterwards. So, put together a clear agenda of what you plan to cover, including a time you plan to start and finish. This will prevent attendees from watching the clock, or wondering how long is left until the end. Meaning their focus is entirely on you.

Make it a great start to the day!

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