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2016 brought its own food trends such as making your own butter… a fad that led to my dad furiously churning milk in a jar for several months, whilst my mum reached for the spreadable. Now, however we are in 2017 with new food fads to scintillate the senses this summer.

The first trend to make an appearance in balmy months is the trend for mocktails. As a society, we are drinking less and less. This has led to a stratospheric rise for non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktails, perfect for a hot summer’s picnic, are the latest to see a revamp. Fan favourites this year include Lavender Lemonade, Rosemary/Blueberry Smash and Lemongrass and Jasmine Iced Tea. I love the Eriska Fizz at Isle of Eriska… a refreshing mix of cucumber, elderflower and lemon.

The ongoing trend for vegetarian and vegan food has pushed previously shunned vegetables such as Kale to the fore. The continuation of our taste for new legumes has now moved underwater. This summer’s vegetable theme is ‘sea vegetables’. A ready source of vital minerals varieties such as Kelp, Kombu and Wakame are also great additions to a meal.

Another trend this summer that is the result of several years of similar trends is the trend for making your own pickles. For years now there has been a D.I.Y. movement in food with trends from jam making to chicken rearing. Now the trend is to make your own pickles and piccalillis especially gut friendly ferments with the vegetable of the moment… cauliflower. Start now to make delicious cosy pickles for the autumn and Christmas months.

Healthy eating is the buzzword of this season and healthy snacks are on the agenda. High-protein and low sugar bites that are perfect for workplace grazing. Especially traditional snacks with a healthy twist such as spiced pear crisps or leek and chilli pancakes.

The final trend to start picking up steam this summer is in a way an anti-food trend. Diners are regressing back to traditional favourites rather than the latest in food fashion. Interestingly It is the young leading the way back to the classics. Yet, this ‘regression’ comes armed with the knowledge of past food trends. The traditions of previous generations are being bent to the will of the new wave of home chefs. Tired recipes are being revamped with a twist, infused with elements of different cuisines.   Gastropubs and boutique-style restaurants such as The Vicarage, Cheshire and Fishmore Hall are a fine example of classic favourites with a modern twist.

Wordsmithery by Sam | We Are Perception

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