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We’ve all been there, at a wedding, sat at the table, waiting for the food to arrive. Which did you go for this time? The chicken so dry you can feel the moisture being swept away to the dusty morsel you are forcing into your mouth? Or is it the fish, blander than a double length Phil Collins album, squirming its way past your lips? This is not the lasting image that you want from your wedding, or indeed an experience that you wish to repeat ever again. So we’ve put together a few creative ideas based on what’s trending in the world of wedding food right now…

Farmer’s Market

Take a well-earned break from your planning schedule to take a look at the local produce that you could include as part of your menu. Many venues already have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the organic revolution and will help you with your food choices (speak to the team at Dewsall Court Team or Fishmore Hall fo inspiration) Not only will this taste fantastic, it is a great way of connecting the wedding and your guests to the venue and the local area.

Hog Roast

Another trend that has seen a huge increase of the last few years is a hog roast. This can be a fun way of doing your wedding food. The roast looks spectacular and also tastes divine. It can be used initially as part of a Sunday roast style sit down meal with vegetables and gravy etc. But one added benefit is that it can also be used in a buffet style after the meal for those who get a bit peckish as the reception wends its way into the wee hours.

Following on from this point. If a sit down formal meal sounds a bit too stuffy and old fashioned to you. Then there are a range of less formal options for you to choose from.


The buffet option allows you to create a meal that incorporates many different styles and flavours. It is the ultimate way to please a large crowd that likes everything from curry to cold cuts. A buffet is also good if you have guests with specific dietary requirements such as a vegetarian or if people are allergic to certain foods. You could even include the guests in the planning by letting them bring dishes that they have made to the wedding for everyone to enjoy. The perfect job for a mother in law at a loose end.

Artisan Food Van

This is another less formal way of doing the hog roast, but can also be used for other food varieties such as tacos for example. It is a fun, unique way of doing wedding food in a less formal style. It also allows guests to eat when they’re hungry, rather than when everyone else does.

Make your own

Another option that is great for bringing the guests into the experience more is allowing them to create their own meal. One way of doing this is giving them a base food such as a pizza and getting them to choose their own toppings. This makes the wedding meal unique and is a great way of remembering the experience. Another option is to have various foods that the guests can cook themselves on a hot-plate in the centre of a table. A hot plate creates conversation and a sense of fun that seeps into the rest of the wedding.

Wordsmithery by Sam | Perception Sales & Marketing

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