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Having a healthy workplace is fundamental to any business or individual’s success. Working in the events sector is a constantly-changing, never-stopping environment, and an office culture of mindless snacking, as well as people wanting to eat on the move or at their desk, means that overall physical health takes a hit. However, something that is often a bit more overlooked is the impact of this stressful environment on mental health. With Event Wellbeing week from the 18th-22nd September, we’ve outlined some tips on how to look after yourself both physically and mentally as a professional in the challenging events sector.


Whether you are in the office, or on the move seeking out new event spaces for your next big project, always have a bottle of water to hand to stay hydrated. Drinking water increases your concentration, and also stops you feeling hungry, so you’ll naturally eat less unhealthy snacks! Staying hydrated also helps with your mental health as it puts you in a better mood and makes you feel energised. Just how you need to be when planning a conference or event.


The events industry is hectic, and often after a long day all you want to do is go home, lie on the sofa and watch TV. However, if you can get even a small amount of physical activity incorporated into your day, you will immediately feel the results. As well as promoting muscle growth and fat loss therefore improving your physical health, doing exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood which is great for your mental wellbeing.


Eating is a very important part of staying healthy and looking after yourself. In regards to physical health, you should ensure you’re not eating too many unhealthy foods, and are also eating wholesome, balanced meals to give you energy throughout the long, busy days. Food is also important to mental wellbeing as eating the right types of foods, such as healthy fats in nuts, can give you energy and improve your mood. It is important to always make sure however busy you are that you do eat in the day to help concentration and productivity.


Working in the events industry, it is likely you interact with many people every day. In these interactions, take a minute or two to not talk about work, and instead have a friendly chat, or ask someone how their day is going. This will help improve your mood, and reduce stress which is good for overall wellbeing. Plus, you get the chance to show new contacts your personality!

Always remember to not be afraid to put your wellbeing as a priority, and take any steps necessary to improve your health.  Looking after yourself leads to better concentration, more motivation, and a general improvement in your quality of work.

Join the wellness movement for Event Wellbeing Week.


Wordsmithery By Emily | We Are Perception


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