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Today is International Children’s Day. Here at Perception Towers, we don’t need much excuse for a little team fun.

So, we asked the team to get creative with everyone’s favourite childhood toy, Play-Doh, and create a masterpiece that represents what they do…


emily-1-300x210 All Work... No Play(Doh)Emily
Senior PR Account Executive, AKA “The Connector”

Emily created this fine representation of building relationships through strategic networking and connecting people.

It’s quite frankly, amazing what you can say with a bit of plasticine…


cath-1-300x208 All Work... No Play(Doh)Cath
Director, AKA “The Innovator”

Cath has gone for a minimalist approach, representing her role as a woman of ideas, with a strong focus on revenue generation for our portfolio of clients… and a creator of happiness!



sian-1-300x218 All Work... No Play(Doh)

Digital Marketing Manager, AKA “The Creator”

Siân spends a serious amount of time on social media, on behalf of our team and our clients. So naturally she’s gone for the classic icons of our favourite social networks.

We think she might have enjoyed this a little too much. She kept the plasticine for future creations.


STU-1-300x193 All Work... No Play(Doh)Stuart
Commercial Director, AKA “The Networker”

Stu has crafted the balance between smooth business operations and success.  The combination of efficient HR, finance management, business development and operations result in… one large pink blob of excellence!



emma-fin-300x197 All Work... No Play(Doh)Emma
Sales & Events Executive, AKA “The Introducer”

Sales savvy Emma has outlined a successful sales model in graph form.

She lives and breathes the mantra that building great relationships, exceeding expectations and high productivity makes for increased sales.


A creative bunch! Thanks to everyone that took the time to revisit their childhood for a brief moment. You big kids, you…

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