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If you’re planning a business meeting or event, lunch needn’t be humdrum. When you’re faced with a large number of  hungry guests, you’ll want to serve something that looks good, tastes great and leaves your guests feeling content.

To celebrate National Make Lunch Count Day. we got together with the events team at Dewsall Court for a few options on culinary delights that will fit perfectly dependant on the type of event you’re planning…

Small Business Meeting

After a highly focussed morning sat around a boardroom table, your guests will be keen to stretch their legs and welcome a change of scenery. Opt for a light lunch, away from the boardroom.  Warm salads, flavourful soups (you’ll love Dewsall’s Soup Sips!) and fresh fish dishes such as their pan fried Sea Bass will ensure your guests are satisfied, but don’t feel the afternoon slump!

Large Business Event

If you’re holding a larger scale business event, there are numerous options.

A sit-down three course meal works well for formal events or large conferences. Consider the tastes of the majority of your guests, rather than what you would like. Chicken, lamb or salmon work well, served with roasted vegetables or crisp salads. Remember to include a vegetarian option such as a delicious baked ricotta with garlic and chilli oil.

Networking Event

When networking, guests will need to ensure their hands aren’t too occupied. Think small and easily manageable. Canapés are a great option, as are hot and cold finger foods.

Coffee Break

A quick 20 minute coffee break will refuel your guests, ready for the next stage of your event. For the perfect interludes to events Dewsall Court serve a selection of sweet and savoury snacks (we love the Dewsall macaroons, homemade banana bread, artisan scotch eggs and power smoothies!)

Working Lunch

If you’re short on time, you’ll still need to ensure your guests are well fed. For small working lunches, platters work well, allowing guests to graze at their leisure. We love Dewsall’s Antipasti, Mezze and delicious fish platters, packed with flavour. Don’t skip on pudding… go for a whole sharing pudding such as their Banoffee Pie or light Lemon Meringue and let your guests dig in!

Interactive Dining

If you’re hoping to impress your guests with a culinary experience, consider live cooking stations or a BBQ with a selection of delicious sides. Interactive dining makes for a great networking experience and will encourage guests to mingle. The Deswall team cook up a storm on drum BBQ’s, for plenty of flair to keep your guests entertained.

Out and About

If you plan to take your guests outdoors, a packed lunch or picnic is a great idea for a business event.  The team at Dewsall will even set up camp to ensure your guests are cosy! Think flasks of hot beef tea with homemade sausage rolls, or baked ham with a selection of vibrant summer salads.

Whatever edible delights you plan for your guests, ensure your food fits in with your format, so that guests have the time and the right atmosphere in which to truly enjoy it.

Wordsmithery by Siân | Perception Sales & Marketing
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